Bidet toilet attachments come in different variations. Some are cheap and some are too expensive. Nevertheless, the functionality and ease of use are normally the things that each consumer consider before buying one. Now, if you are looking for a bidet that is both affordable and very functional, the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 can possibly be the one you are looking for.

Installing and using this bidet from the Luxe Neo Series is quite easy and convenient. It won’t cause any confusion or struggle at all. And even if you are an entry-level user, this can be a match for you.

Installing The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Series

By and large, the installation will only take a few minutes of your time. Along with the user manual on the package, users and owners can easily finish the whole setup. Moreover, all the needed accessories to accomplish the whole process is already included. So, this DIY installation is very user-friendly.

All you need to is to remove your existing toilet seat. Once you have successfully removed it, you may then place the 2-piece bidet toilet attachment. Mount it over and make sure it will fit onto the existing mounting ports of the toilet.

Once bolted and ensured into its position, place the existing toilet seat and tighten all the nuts and screws.

As for the water connection, the package comes with a durable polyurethane hose that can accommodate hot or high-temperature water. Remove the existing hose that connects your toilet to the water supply. Connect the T-adapter to the toilet connector. Tighten back the existing hose to the other side of the T-adapter. Consequently, connect the polyurethane hose from the bidet to the other side of the T-adapter.

Turn on the water valve and check for leakages. If there’s none, then you are good to go.

Using The Bidet

All of the bidets from the Luxe Neo Series are non-electrical. So, once the attachment is efficiently installed, you can already use it.

The handle of this Neo 320 is a lever type. There are two controls on the lever handle. One is for the water temperature and the other is for nozzle functions. And since the nozzle is a dual-type, users can enjoy either a water wash or a feminine wash function. With one switch on the lever, nozzles can easily interchange.

The same thing happens when you twist the lever on the water temperature.

Now, users can also clean the nozzle since it offers a self-cleaning feature. On the lever handle, you would see an option that says “Nozzle-Cleaning”. Once you switch the lever onto this part, the nozzle will shower a portion of water in itself to clean. Once done, it will retract and hide in a Nozzle Guard so that it can keep itself clean and safe.

The functions and features of the Neo Bidet Series are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. With one look on the whole setup, users can easily know what to do when utilizing the bidet.