Not all people know about home healthcare and what it can do to them. Home health care, or sometimes known as home medical care, is an alternative medical service for patients who require constant assisted living or for those who prefer to be treated at their homes. The care offered in home healthcare programs are equal to the services rendered in most hospitals. The only thing that differs is that the treatments are done in the comforts of the home of the patient. Home healthcare services differ depending on the needs of the patient and the household. Another thing that varies in this kind of service is the cost of the utilized services.

Home healthcare is an excellent choice for people who want to keep their sick loved ones in the safety of a familiar home environment. Although facilities and other medical procedures are more accessible in hospitals, home healthcare services can still provide the same level of expertise in treatment. The medical professionals that work in home healthcare services have the same credentials as those that work in hospitals. In fact, some of them work both in hospitals and in-home healthcare services. Each kind of home healthcare offers a varied level of care for the patient, usually depending on the prescription and advice of the doctor.

The most advanced type of home health care is the skilled care. Skilled care refers to the actual medical care that is provided by professional nurses and therapists. In order to receive this kind of home healthcare service, an order from a doctor is required. A registered nurse will periodically visit the patient in his or her home and will conduct assessments and medications depending on the order of the doctor. The frequency of the visit and type of medications are also provided by the doctor.

There is also a kind of home health care that does not require an order from a doctor. This is probably the most popular kind because people get to choose the nurses. Private home healthcare services can be conveniently acquired by almost anyone. Nurses are hired privately to perform certain treatments and medications to an ailing patient. Of course, the treatments must still be approved by a licensed doctor. An all around the clock care will be provided by the private medical nurse and they can even stay in the home of the patient until the treatment ends. In most cases, the medical insurance of the patient will pay for the cost of the home health care. This kind of home health care may not be very feasible for most patients. Continued treatments and assessments may still be needed and will require the aid of attending physicians.

Custodial care is another type of home health care. This kind of care is not limited to providing medical assistance to a patient but also in activities of daily living. These activities include most basic things such as getting dressed, cooking, bathing, and cleaning the house. Custodial care services are at times more preferred by family members who have very busy schedules. Choosing the most suitable type of home health care will depend on your budget and personal circumstances.