In a house usually many people who use the garden in order to get a good view of their home. For that, they usually design Home & Garden in order to get a good view of their home and garden. Although you have a small and narrow land, the garden you get may be interesting with some tips you can do.

With a small and narrow land, some of this type you can do to get a garden house that has a good look and beautiful. Some types of garden you can make on a narrow land is

1. Garden in Balcony Area
The balcony area can also be used to create a minimalist garden on a small and narrow land. Usually, the area used is semi-outdoor areas or still have a roof. You can put a tree that is not big and small plants in the pot.

2. Use the Pool
Kehadirna unsure of water in the garden will add a cool impression on the house. You can create a pool in the simple garden you have.