There are a lot of things that you can learn from your own pain and that of others. One of the major realizations when one suffers from grief is that it cannot kill you. No pain should ever take control of you unless you will give your pain the power to do so. Grief should not be the end of you. Suffering from despair alongside overwhelming panic may be one of the reasons why you feel this way. With prayers though, you should not lose hope. After every grief and pain that you feel, always keep in mind that there is always something to look forward to at the end of the tunnel. For every time you feel pain, there will always be a time for healing.

There are different kinds of grief that people will be going through. You have the kind of grief that pertains to losing someone or something that will shatter how you used to live your life. You have the kind of grief that pertains to changes that you cannot seem to take control anymore. And you also have the kind of grief that leave your frustrated when you know that your lifelong dream is something that you just cannot achieve anymore.

No matter what kind of grief you are going through or its severity, you need to understand that all of them will have to teach you one thing. It teaches you that you have to grieve your losses well. A grief that you do once will be the kind of grief that you do well. And if you do not grieve once, you might not be able to grieve well.

Most people are used to wallowing in the pain that they feel from their grief to the point that they cannot seem to endure anything any longer. You shriek, you shrink, and you shirk your grief. Nonetheless, experiencing the pain that you are going through once where it could mean months, weeks, or days means that you have submitted your pain to something that will proceed to you getting some healing. You submit your pain in the faith that a higher being will be there to help you. You basically surrender yourself to a higher being because of what you are going through. You can learn what you can because of the pain that you have gone through. You will now be able to learn what you must do with the pain that you are feeling because you have submitted yourself to a higher being. This presence will help you and heal you through your pain. The season of bearing will no doubt teach each and one that whatever it is you are going through, you can go through it. A time of grief teaches people that there is confidence that is gained when you endure from the pain that you have gone through. You become a better and more confident person after you are able to look back at what you have endured and what you have gone through. Indeed, when there is pain, there is healing, no matter how long it takes. Just keep the faith.