Is your neck in pain because of the many innovations that modern day living has brought about? Do you consider yourself a part of the millions of people who spend several hours in a day using your mobile device such as your smartphone? If the answer to these two questions are a yes, then you have more chances of getting text neck, a modern-day epidemic that could end up resulting to permanent damage.

You might have not given any thought to the content or the number of text messages that you send every single day using your smartphone; however, texting has been shown to be very dangerous modern-day habit. The posture that most people get into while texting and staring at their phones puts a lot of stress on their necks. This leads to further wears and tears. If you do not take this seriously, here is its serious consequence. The human head typically weighs between 10 and 12 lbs., yet if the head is bent in a downward direction when you use your phone, you are adding more weight to your neck. At an angle of 15 degrees, your head can weigh as much as 27 lbs., and as the angle reaches 60 degrees, your head can weigh as much as 60 lbs.

Since most people are used to spending between 2 and 4 hours on average in one day dropping their heads down, in a year, this has been shown to result to 700 to 1400 hours of additional stress on the cervical spine of the person. This can cause the person to suffer from neck pain, arm pain, head pain, and at times, even some numbness.

If you combine your head dropping down at regular intervals and you living an inactive lifestyle, your text neck condition could lead to more serious consequences. Now that the occurrences of text neck have been increasing and more people cannot live their lives without their smartphones, it is crucial for every person to know of the most effective ways in which they can reduce getting text neck.

In order for you to lower your chances of getting text neck, it will be best that you use the call and the voice recognition features of your smartphone rather than its text messaging capability. You should also take the time to get regular breaks and change your positions while you are texting to avoid further complicating your current problem or potential problem. There are a lot of website sources online that you can check out regarding what best exercises you can do to decrease increasing your risk of getting text neck.

There are a lot of dangers of texting that one can suffer from, most especially now that modern technology moves at a much faster speed than the capacity of the human body to adapt. It is not only text neck that is a consequence of texting, texting has also been shown to increase the number of pedestrian death occurrences. Some places even go the distance of fining those who do some texting while walking. There are also what you call the Blackberry thumb where you get regular strain injuries while texting as well as the iPad hand where you get pains and aches just by typing or swing on your tablet device.

The number of potential ailments seems to be increasing every time new technology is on the rise. While it seems impossible to persuade people to steer clear from their mobile devices, at least you can teach them some sensible ways to maintain their health while keeping up with the demands of modern-day living.