Every person can benefit from taking a break. No matter how significant of a role you play in your career and your personal life, you need to take some time off and focus on giving yourself some relaxation and rejuvenation time. If you think about rejuvenation and relaxation, what always comes to mind is going to the spa or taking a fitness retreat. However, reality-wise, there are certain situations that would not let you do any of these things. That is why this short article has been created to ensure that you can still make wellness day happen at the comfort of your own home. Like nutrition and fitness, health and wellness also mean destressing and taking good care of your body.

1. Create a game plan: Set a schedule and follow it. You can begin to do some fitness exercises in the morning and then do some pampering afterwards. One example of a wellness day schedule is as follows.
• 8 am: Invigorating cardio
• 9 am: Strength training
• 12nn: Healthy lunch
• 1 pm: Yoga
• 2 pm: DIY hand and foot soak or massage
• 3 pm: DIY tub soak or body scrub
• 4 pm: Shower or rinse and moisturize
• 4:30 pm: Healthy snack
• 5 pm: Rest and relax

2. Fitness: Make your body feel more invigorated by getting your heart pumping and then strengthening and toning your muscles. Find a new fitness class you can join or choose one you used to love but have not participated for quite some time. Mixing it up will even be great to have something new for both your body and mind.

3. Healthy meals: Go all the way during your wellness day and do not forget to choose only healthy options. Shop from your local organic store and steer clear from fast food. If you are no fan of cooking, you can choose a healthy take-out meal. Avoid refined carbs and go with fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein, and healthy fats. For instance, load your salads with vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

4. Mind and body: Refresh, relax, and renew your mind and body. Include some mind and body time. Try doing some Pilates or yoga. You can even meditate to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind. Let go of what is stressing you out as you breathe, unwind, and let go.

5. Body time: Treat your body right! Soak your hands and feet and have them massaged. You can book an at-home body treatment or home massage therapist. Make use of your steam room or jacuzzi. Keep your body pampered and have all toxins released from it.

6. Relax: Make use of a few couple minutes just for yourself where you are free from noise. Turn off any gadgets like your phone, TV, or computer even just for 15 minutes and enjoy the silence. Relaxing minus modern-day distractions can be of benefit to you. You can attain both focus and clarity of mind.

7. Schedule: Plan your next wellness day at home. To be able to benefit the most from pampering yourself at home, you have to do your regimen on a regular basis. You can have at least one day in a month to serve as your health and wellness day. Stick to your plan by adding it to your business planner in the same way you schedule your business meetings.