A good home and can create a fresh air is a house that has a good environment and proper air ventilation. This will make you feel comfortable in the house. in fact, you should also pay attention to the garden in your house so that you feel comfortable and have a fresh and cool air. This is what makes your Home & Garden you have to fit as a whole.

To get a cool and fresh air, you not only have to have a garden planted with different types of plants but also have good air ventilation in order to get good air for your home and your room. There are several types of ventilation that you can use in the house, such as

1. Ventilation Window
This is a permanent window vent that is generally installed in the main window of the house. which is often a mistake in the use of this ventilation is the size and amount not adjusted to the area of ??the room. This vent has an area of ??about 5% of the space. In the installation.

2. Loster
Ventilation of this type of house can give a different look to your house. The gap in this ventilation is intentionally formed to show a certain pattern or motif. This is what makes the loster will work as well as decorating the room. In addition, the ventilation of this house is also made of various materials, such as wood, cement, or ceramics. Because of this uniqueness, the loster is one of the ventilation of the house that can also be used as a variation of the room bulkhead or fence.

3. Jalousie
Ventilation of this one house is composed of a grille, which includes a gap for the path of entry of air and light.
The use of jalousie as home ventilation can control the intensity of light entering the house because its constituent material is able to absorb and reflect excessive light. With its lattice structure, the ventilation of this house is able to filter the incoming dirty air.