Taking care of your elderly loved one or any loved one in need of medical help can be very daunting, especially if you have personal and employment responsibilities on your own. That is why you often look for options that will let your elderly loved one be cared for accordingly. One of the best options to providing your elderly loved one their health care needs is to go with home health care services. However, before you decide to get home health care services, you have to first understand what makes home health care that is covered by Medicare different. This short article will basically tell you everything you need to know and more about Medicare home health care and if your loved one or yourself will qualify for one.

What is home health care covered by Medicare?
If you say home health care, you are basically getting health care services or skilled nursing care at home for the treatment and recovery of an injury or illness. One of the services that Medicare has got covered for senior citizens include home health services. Before you or your loved one can avail of this service, though, you should qualify for them and be recommended by your specialty care physician or primary care physician accordingly.

Medicare beneficiaries who think that they will be needing home health care services offered by Medicare should be assessing firstly if they will qualify for these services. It is not a chore-worker service or a general personal care service. With home care services that are offered by Medicare, you should know that they are limited and are defined specifically for medical conditions that have been diagnosed. They may even include some personal care services.

When it comes to Medicare home care services, they must be prescribed by a physician and should be provided by a home health agency that is licensed. The beneficiary should have a diagnosed medical condition or a combination of conditions that require regular services from a skilled therapist or nurse. A plan of care must be made that will include the specific services that will be covered. Coverage and eligibility should be well defined and evaluated in detail so that the care needs and condition of the beneficiary will be fully known.

What are the qualifications for getting Medicare home health care services?
It is very common for elderly patients to require some assistance upon discharge from an inpatient rehab center or hospital. The physician of that person will then assess if in-home health care is required or paperwork must be completed for home health care to ensue.

Elderly individuals suffering from slow physical decline can also benefit from Medicare home health care services. This decline should include not being able to care for oneself on a regular basis where nursing home care is not yet necessary. The physician may be recommending home health care only for the tasks that the elderly cannot perform.

Here are the four conditions that will be covered by Medicare when it comes to home health care:
1. Your doctor should decide if you will need medical care at home and will make a plan of care for you.
2. You must need one of the following: intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, or speech language pathology services or must carry on with occupational therapy.
3. You should be bound at home or unable to leave home or leaving home may take a considerable effort on your part.
4. The home health agency providing you services must be Medicare certified.