Millions of people from across the world are affected by allergies on a day-by-day basis. People are not able to maximize their health potential and live their lives to the fullest when they suffer from any form of allergies. Most allergy symptoms worsen during the spring and fall seasons. However, there are some people with severe allergies who suffer all throughout the year.

This short article will discuss about the common causes of home allergies and their causes that will give you some idea on how you can either control or eliminate them. Keep in mind that your indoor home environment is the only place that you have control over when it comes to allergies. With proper knowledge, there is no doubt that you can make your home your safe haven.

• Animal dander: Most households have at least one family pet. Having dogs or cats around the home can be bad news for people who suffer from allergies. Like humans, dogs and cats shed skin flakes; however, theirs come with an oil component, hence dander. If a person suffers from dander allergy, they are often sensitive to the protein component of the dander. That being said, they can suffer from skin rashes or upper respiratory problems when exposed to them.

• Bacteria: Bacteria can be found just about anywhere from the outdoors to the indoors. However, it is those which you can find indoors that cause a whole range of upper respiratory symptoms among people with chronic allergic symptoms. The most common bacterial breeding ground is your vacuum cleaner bag. Each day, thousands of new bacteria particles will be growing inside of your vacuum cleaner bag. You will be circulating these bacteria particles in the air every time you use your vacuum with your low efficient paper bags.

• Dust mites: Dust mites are another common allergen found in the household. They are also the number one cause of asthma symptoms found at home. They feed on animal dander and human skin flakes. They then produce fecal matter of microscopic size wherever they thrive. Like animal dander, a person who is allergic to dust mites is not allergic to the dust mite itself but to the protein that they expel through their fecal matter.

• Food: According to studies, a great majority of people existing in this world have at least one food that they have some allergy with. There are basically hundreds of food options that are well known to cause allergic symptoms. Fortunately, food allergies tend to change and will typically disappear as the person will age. Nonetheless, people with severe long-term allergies may have them for their entire lifespan.

• Fragrances: Fragrances that come from perfumes and pesticides are actually the most common causes of home fragrance allergies. A fragrance is among the few allergens that is capable of causing an immediate allergic reaction just from their odor alone.

• Dead insect parts and insect stings: Most people are well aware of the fact that insect sting can be a common cause of allergies. What most people do not know though is that allergic symptoms can also take place when a person breathes in dead insect parts. If an insect dies indoors, it dries out and then turns into particle matter. These particles can be airborne and can be breathed in by people who are prone to getting allergies. The protein found in these particles is the reason why people have allergic reactions with them.