Is your current personal life able to support wellness? To answer this question requires two approaches. First, you have to determine what wellness means. Does it mean a state of well-being? Is it possible to be only well physically yet not mentally? Does wellness also include your spiritual well-being? Second, you should determine if wellness is suitable to your current life or not. Perhaps you are already living a life that promotes wellness on a regular basis or perhaps you are not. Either way, it is crucial that you have a clear understanding about how well your current life may support wellness.

If you are currently living a life that does not support or promote wellness, what are the things that you can do that will inspire you to start incorporating wellness int your current life? Should you make any changes or should you do more? Perhaps you can do less?

So, what does wellness mean?
Whether you like it or not, wellness has become something that a lot of people seem to undermine. Majority of people think that how they feel is just that and they can no longer do anything about it. For some people, the primary purpose of seeking health and supporting wellness will be to prevent any future chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Some people, on the other hand, defines wellness only on a more physical level. Meanwhile, you also have some people that considers wellness a state of mind.

All of these definitions of wellness are good; however, to really understand wellness well, you have to take a more holistic approach. In a nutshell, wellness is all about keeping yourself well-balanced.

Basically, wellness is equivalent to balance. If your physical body is well, then this means that your body is getting what it needs in terms of achieving a more balanced lifestyle. Thus, physical wellness is a combination of a well-balanced nutritional intake, a certain level of physical exercise, balanced work and play, and proper environmental and personal hygiene. if you are able to balance all of your physical needs, then there is no doubt that you will feel well and better.

On a mental level, you feel balanced when the thoughts that you have in your mind are level with the purpose that you have in your life. If you understand clearly what you are doing and why you are doing it, then there is no doubt that you have some idea what needs you have in your life that must be met and maintained. If there are some things troubling your mind and emotions, you can then say that you feel out of balance. You even come to the point of saying you are not well mentally.

Now, on a spiritual level, you will be looking at a much bigger picture. To know if you are spiritually well, you have to be very honest with yourself when you ask the question if you are indeed spiritually well. If you are a hundred percent happy with your life and have a good understanding about your position and role in the universe as a living being, then you can say that you are indeed spiritually well. Nonetheless, if you feel spiritually unwell, you have to make sure to be honest with yourself, and this is where self-honesty plays a crucial role.