The start


The start was interesting. The moment I got to work for the new people who are here to help me with my thesis. They showed me around and told me the ins and outs. I consulted with my previous colleagues about the whole move. And they helped me prepare so I can already start on my thesis. For my medical insurance I found a company which covers me globally called Housing was done via a friend of mine who was already living in the states and own transportation was not necessary for the beginning. The public transport was better then I expected.

By the way, the housing is very typical but fun. It was just like what you expected from a movie, but then in real life.

Second part was the culture difference. In Scandinavia we wake up early and go to bed early that is sort of our rhythm. But here it is wake up early and go to bed late. They feel that the evenings are a very important part of the day and I start to see why.


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