My friends back over from Sweden have send me some very valuable information which helps me solve this puzzle a little bit further.

I am very grateful for all the great help I receive from many people around the world that I have encountered. Also the people here in the states are very generous with their time in helping me with this.

The breakthrough is that I can now determine some parts of a disease and the effect it has. What I did was turn it around.

What animal diseases can have an effect on humans. That was easy information to find as people found that the most interesting to do research on. That information I have played against itself to find out more about my research. And luckily with success thanks to my friends.

I hope I can post a first chapter of my thesis relatively soon. But of course I cannot do anything as long as the information is still incomplete. It will make a fool out of me and my friends who helped. Better safe than sorry.


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