Usually, someone will use the garden as air conditioning and display at home. The function of the garden today is much, in addition to providing a cool and fresh air. For that, many people are now more concerned about Home & Garden for buses look very attractive in the eyes of many people.

However, if you have a garden, then you should be able to take care of it very well because all the plants you plant should be able to grow well and in accordance with what you expect. Unfortunately, many people do not take care of all the plants that they belong to in their garden. Do not worry, if you belong to that person, then some of these plants are right for you.

1. Petunia Plants
The petunia plant is one of the popular hanging ornamental plants because it is not only easy to maintain, but also has lush flowers and beautiful color variations. Yes, in contrast to the previous ornamental plants, the flowers of Petunia hanging ornamental plants are considered very lush, so the color of the petals will dominate the land of your home garden. Petunia can be a choice of hanging ornamental plants to fill your garden.

2. Portulaca plant
This plant has many types and colors of flowers. It is an easy plant to grow and treat. Although the growth includes slow, this plant is also often flowering at some time. Flowers that grow from this plant can also be as a charming home decor.

3. Spanish Moss Plants
This plant has a unique color, which is pale and somewhat white with a pointed leaf shape elongated so that like strands of white hair. The shape that unique will very beautiful when you put in your garden.

4. Charlie’s Creepy Plant
For those of you who want to get a green feel at home, then this plant can be the right choice. Originating from the continent of the United States, this plant includes plants that grow very rapidly. The shape is simple, with a mint-like plant but can spread so that it can be used as an ornamental plant in your garden.

5. Begonia Flower Plants
Begonia is a beautiful ornamental plant. this ornamental plant also which is easy to adapt to soil type so it can be an option for you who still a beginner in care of the garden.

6. Petunia Red Picotee Plant
This is a flowering plant that has a broad flared petal flaring with white patches. Although easy to maintain, this plant requires a lot of water because it already wilted if the lack of water. So, if you take good care of this plant by providing enough water, then this plant will grow with good.