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Research center

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I worked for several research centers in Scandinavia. Before moving the US I worked at the Sweden RC. It’s a beautiful and professional office with highly interested in people who love what they are doing. I did research on animals mainly, finding out what makes them get diseases and what prevented them from getting it….

The start

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The start was interesting. The moment I got to work for the new people who are here to help me with my thesis. They showed me around and told me the ins and outs. I consulted with my previous colleagues about the whole move. And they helped me prepare so I can already start on…

Staying safe

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My research is about Zoonoses, hence the name of my blog. I should have started with this post but well I’m writing about it now. Zooneses are diseases which can be transferred from people to animals. And this is something very interesting. Sometimes people carry a disease without knowing and it can still affect the…


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My friends back over from Sweden have send me some very valuable information which helps me solve this puzzle a little bit further. I am very grateful for all the great help I receive from many people around the world that I have encountered. Also the people here in the states are very generous with…


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